If you're one of W&J College's international students, the Office of Global Education is the center of support for your unique experience. With students from across the globe at orientation, you will find a community of others enjoying the same W&J College experience. The whole time you're here, we provide advising and events so that you can make the most of your experience.

Country to College Support

As your hub for academic, cultural, and social support, the Office of International Student Initiatives focuses on making your W&J College experience successful from the start. We assist you with the student visa process. When you arrive, we meet you at the Pittsburgh airport and provide transportation to campus. Our comprehensive three-day orientation helps you make your way on campus and around town. For your entire stay, our office is committed to supporting the unique experience of international study and facilitating your happy adventure here.


In addition to our local, on-campus support, including advising for academics, and cultural adjustment we're also your source of information for logistical support. We can provide information about your F-1 student status and tax preparation.